The challenge of accounting for nonprofits is the intersecting complexity of the financials, procedures, systems, funder requirements, regulations and laws.  These links may help.

Favorite Links

Government Links

IRS - Charities
IRS Form 990,,id=218927,00.html
IRS on Governance (what every nonprofit Board member should know):
IRS Publication 78 - search for charities:,,id=96136,00.html

California Form 199:
Form 199 Instructions:

California State Attorney General:
Guide for Charities:

Office of Management and Budget OMB Circulars

Federal Health and Human Services - Indirect Cost Rate Proposals:
Personal Referrals

Interim ED, Facilitation, Board Development:
Marcia Hodges Consulting

Nonprofit HR Support:
Adrienne Blum

Recruiting/Leadership Change:
Leyna Bernstein

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